IT Support Information

Total Tickets Created

69 Tickets

+2 Tickets

Average Reponse Time

37 Mins

+3 Minutes

Major Outages


0 Incidents

Top Five Tickets

  1. New User Setups
  2. VPN Setup
  3. Email Footer Spam
  4. Password Resets
  5. Foreign Phone Numbers

Pain Points

  1. Foreign Phone Numbers
  2. Teams Integrations

Downtime in Minutes


Service Improvements

Improvements we are working on

Microsoft Teams

We’ve migrated nearly 70 users over to Microsoft Teams calling.

System Performance

No issues with system performance in the last month.

Server Farm Migration

We have significantly improved performance and fault tolerance by increasing capacity and adding more servers.

Login Speeds

No issues with logins on the system in the last month.

Cyber Security

We’ve carried out daily cyber security vulnerability scans to make sure systems are safe.

Lead Generation Tenders

We’ve invested alot of time and effort to help durhamlane win new business by assisting with Information Security Questionnaires.