November Email Update

Monthly Update from Bigfoot Networks


Service Improvements

We have been aware that durhamlane users have been experiencing issue with performance on the remote session, particularly during busy times.

We went through the process of troubleshooting and upon Microsoft’s suggestion we upgraded of server’s specification. This improved things a little but not enough to make a large change in performance.

We continued to work with Microsoft on this and through this troubleshooting we identified a bug causing performance issues within remote sessions. We have implemented a fix for this and we can see that the performance of the server has dramatically improved.

We are continuing to monitor with Microsoft to make sure there are no further issues with performance.


Do’s and Don’ts

Below are some friendly reminder on how to make best use of the system:

  • Please Sign Out correctly when spending an extended period of time away from your desk. This helps to improve the performance and user experience for your work colleagues.
  • If you no longer require a particular plugin or application once a project has ended please get in touch so that we can remove it from the system.
  • If you see any suspicious behaviour with any of your applications or email please get in touch so that we can investigate.
  • Please don’t remove keyboards and mice from their designated desks. If you have an issue with one of the peripherals at the desk you are working at please contact a member of the admin team.

Google Chrome Extensions

We are working towards rolling out Google Chrome Enterprise. This application has improved management of google chrome sessions and plugins on the system. This means that we will be able to individualise each users google chrome experience and assign each user their particular plugins via a policy. This will be rolled out at the end of October.
If you have any problems with Google Chrome please create a ticket via the usual means.


Monthly Visit

One day each month a member of our team will be onsite to offer a drop-in clinic to discuss any issues or projects which require IT assistance.

The date for the next visit is:

15th November 2019

If you require assistance in the mean time please contact us on 0191 640 4783 or drop us an email at